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By admin on Sep 03, 2017 in Blog - Comments Off on RADIO INTERVIEW!!!

A big thank you to Live NDirect on McMaster University radio for having me on last night, and for showing me so much love! Word on road is FrankFilms, Lyricvids.com – The web’s #1 Lyric Video company, Shane McCurdy, Rob Lamothe, and Rose Lamothe were all mentioned in my interview! Also a huge thank you to ChangerMusic for capturing the moment with some great pictures and video! If you would like to listen to, or download the interview, you can do so here (my segment starts about 14 minutes in I believe) http://cfmu.ca/…/4590-the-live-n-direct-show-episode-for-20… If you would like to help get “Poetic Emotion” feat. Riff Raff on the #LND charts, please listen on their SoundCloud page directly below! Thank you in advance!!!