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    Don’t Feel Sorry For Me – DFSFM

    In honor of B-Flix’s memory and relationship that ChangerMusic and B’ had, this is the latest single from B-Flix “Don’t Feel Sorry For Me”.

    This song came about in 2017. B’ and Changer decided to collaborate and address the misconceptions of society assuming special needs people seek pity.

    Changer finished the song after he attended the funeral and carried B-Flix’s casket. This was very healing and an honor for Changer, who misses B every day.

    R.I.P. B-Flix (Aug 17/93 – May 20/2019)

    Click HERE to see or comment on B-Flix’s Obituary link.

    New magazine article: Tribute – The Hub

    Dear friends/family and fans.

    As you may or may not know; Brent has been in Heaven since 5.20.19, but a new magazine article has been created with BFlix, in The Hub.

    Check it out HERE.


    The Flicks Family.

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    Gone to heaven

    Hello Fans, friends and family; It is with deep regret that we inform you that our beloved Brent “BFlix” Flicks has quietly and peacefully passed away around 7:00am Monday May 20th, 2019.

    Please click HERE for the obituary/funeral info.

    This site will be updated by family overtime with the many stories, and unreleased songs that B’ had been waiting to get better for, to release into this beautiful world, that only he could influence the way he has his whole life.

    Let us remember that our limitations are overcome when we believe in ourselves and join forces with one another to share our unlimited potential.


    The Flick Family

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    B-Flix “Wings up Above” feat. Riverdogs (Official Music Video)

    produced rock-rap crossover (instrumental arranged by Rayne Drop) was

    created to honour our loved ones who have passed on. Thank you to all of

    those who submitted photos, FrankFilms captured them beautifully!

    Lyricvideosplus.com also did a great job at bringing the lyrics to life on-screen,

    and Will Dridge nailed the artwork! Thank you to Karma Wellness Water for their

    continued support as well! I hope you find this one as special as I do. Full press

    release available here: http://vintagemediagroup.com/b-flix-wings-up-above-feat-riverdogs-video/



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