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    I present to you, my new music video for “Pure Leaf” featuring Frank Douglas!!!

    Big shout out to Shane McCurdy for shooting this one, and FrankFilms for directing

    and editing! PLEASE WATCH AND SHARE! Thank you in advance! (also thank you

    to the Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre for letting us film!)


    TV Placement On CBC’s “Kim’s Convenience”!!!

    The contracts are signed, and everything has been locked in. I’m excited to announce that

    “Breathe On My Own” from my debut album Everything Changed (available on Spotify:


    will air TWICE in an episode of Kim’s Convenience!!! The episode will air

    Tuesday, November 21st, 2017 at 9pm(EST) on CBC. I would like to

    congratulate Burd & Keyz, Shane McCurdy, and Rob Lamothe, who all had a hand in

    creating this song! The biggest thank you goes out to David Hayman

    and everybody over at Supergroup Sonic Branding Co. for making this happen; the fact

    that an artist like myself will be heard on a national level helps

    me believe that other artists facing my challenges might have an ‘easier’ path in the future.

    A shout out to D.O. Gibson aka Defy the Odds is also a

    must, for giving David and I an opportunity to meet face-to-face at

    the 2016 Northern Power Summit!

    Thank you to Frances Jane Porter for the promo artwork!!!

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