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    A big thank you to Live NDirect on McMaster University radio for having me on last night, and for showing me so much love! Word on road is FrankFilms, Lyricvids.com – The web’s #1 Lyric Video company, Shane McCurdy, Rob Lamothe, and Rose Lamothe were all mentioned in my interview! Also a huge thank you to ChangerMusic for capturing the moment with some great pictures and video! If you would like to listen to, or download the interview, you can do so here (my segment starts about 14 minutes in I believe) http://cfmu.ca/…/4590-the-live-n-direct-show-episode-for-20… If you would like to help get “Poetic Emotion” feat. Riff Raff on the #LND charts, please listen on their SoundCloud page directly below! Thank you in advance!!!



    iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/poetic-emotion-feat-riff-raff-single/id1268629551

    Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/3u7wosAoTNbB6gsPiWwUl2

    Bandcamp: https://b-flix.bandcamp.com/track/poetic-emotion-feat-riff-raff

    “Poetic Emotion,” the new single from B-Flix. This danceable, hip-hop infused track, executive produced by Brent Flicks & Shane McCurdy, features a verse from Mr. Jody Highroller himself, RiFF RAFF.
    The accompanying video was shot and edited by FrankFilms, with Lyric Animation being added by LyricVids.com. Thank you as well to: Dee C for the incredible instrumental, Shane McCurdy at Let’s Do This Entertainment for recording and producing the vocals, editing, mixing, mastering, and adding additional production to the song, and Rose Lamothe for her perfect backing vocals in the chorus (recorded by Rob Lamothe). ***ALL TRACK INFO IS IN THE YOUTUBE VIDEO DESCRIPTION BOX***
    PLEASE LISTEN & SHARE IF YOU’RE FEELING IT! Thank you in advance!!!

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    Saturday, August 19th, I will be doing a short talk, as well as performing a BRAND NEW song, at the 2017 Northern Power Summit at the Drake Hotel in Toronto! I don’t perform in the 6ix very often, so if you’re in the GTA you might want to grab a ticket for this great, educational event! If you ARE interested in tickets, please visit https://www.NPS17.com or email bflixmusic@gmail.com for a special discount code! Thank you to D.O. Gibson (Art Of Fresh) and everyone involved with NPS for inviting me out!!!



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